About the Wiltshire Flag

For our design we have included some elements from the Wiltshire County Council flag - the green and white bars, which were probably first introduced to represent the green of the downs and escarpments, with the chalk underlay.

The use of these two colours in flag symbolism is an added bonus, as white means peace, and green can mean hope, joy or safety.

As a centre piece on this flag, we have The Great Bustard (Otis tarda). This previously extinct bird (since 1832 in England) is now the subject of a ten year breeding programme on Salisbury plain, one of only two areas in Great Britain, in which it originally lived, and if the programme is a success, it will be a milestone, as this is the first ever attempt to re-introduce a nationally extinct species in the UK. In addition it is the heaviest flying bird in the world.

The construction of the flag has the male bird reproduced in gold standing on a solid green background, to illustrate the open grassland that is its favoured habitat; surrounded by a circle of six rocks, which in heraldic symbolism expresses “Safety, refuge and protection”, and is known as a roundel.

This circle has two other functions, acting as an illustration of the two largest stone circles of Wiltshire, at Stonehenge and Avebury, and in addition the relevance of the six stones or rocks is related to the number of counties that are adjoined to Wiltshire, namely (clockwise) Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Dorset and Somerset.

The technical specification of the flag is that it is a 3:5 ratio, and is manufactured in Green and Gold onto a white material, (the two PMS colours are Green 347 and Gold 873). © wiltshireflag.co.uk Ltd (2006)

I am delighted you are producing a flag for the people of Wiltshire. Malcolm Farrow OBE FFI RN - President of The Flag Institute
I love the design and the thinking behind it - it looks very striking. Roger Farrant - Series Editor Inside Out BBC Television
I wish you every success in the launch unfurling of a Wiltshire flag. The green and white undulations as well as the Great Bustard emblem strikes me as being most
Marquess of Bath, Longleat
Karen and I think the flag is wonderful. David Waters, Leader The Great Bustard Group
I wish you well with your attempt to gain recognition for this flag, to the design of which you have given a great deal of thought. I commend you for the careful way in which you are seeking public recognition for it. John Bush OBE JP - Lord Lieutenant for Wiltshire
I am now delighted to learn that the County Council has endorsed your proposal. Robert Key MP, Salisbury